• Operation and Maintenance

Operation and Maintenance

Solar project maintenance can help maximize uptime and extend the life of the plant. The delivery of solar power without any disruption maintains the stream of economic value generated by each kilowatt hour of production, and proper service is a critical component to ensuring optimal performance while minimizing the risks of downtime. A well-maintained solar installation can actually perform 10 to 30% better than one that is not. But installing solar arrays are just the beginning. Without proper operation and maintenance, system components could be void of all warranties.

A good operations and maintenance firm will have a dedicated team of field-service engineers and technicians who will actively oversee the quality and performance of a solar project with effective maintenance. Typically, this will involve signing maintenance contracts — but make sure you tailor the agreement to meet your specific goals and needs.

The following services should be included in any serious maintenance contract:

Site visits: The maintenance company should come on site to inspect your installation and analyze whether it is producing the amount of power it has promised.

Solar our maintenance firm should perform. On average, regular solar array cleaning will increase annual solar energy production by 5 to 10% in climates with a dry season.

Electrical system checks: Maintenance companies should be able to check the electrical systems to make sure they are performing properly — and make corrections if they are not.

Solar Inverter preventative maintenance: They should be able to do the same checks and corrections for your solar inverters.